We ship Priority Mail 3 Day. I ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

(I'm a 1 man operation also don't want my pods sitting in a warehouse.)


Shipping cost are $14.99 per four bottles. Free shipping with our Reef Revival Package.

​We are NOT responsible for weather delays or carrier mistakes. 

Special shipping CAN be arranged if needed, please contact me by email.



In the unlikely event you receive a DOA bottle of Todd's Pods, a picture must be taken within 2 hours of delivery of the bottle sealed and unopened, then emailed to, subject (DOA ORDER) A credit will be given minus re-shipping costs. We know and understand that things can go wrong during shipping so don't hesitate to contact us for any questions. During the freezing winters and blazing hot summers, please arrange to retrieve your pods from your mailbox or front door, as these poor guys are tough, but not 30 degree or 110 degree tough. 




Please know the proper care for what you're purchasing. These are live creatures and need special care to thrive. Always practice proper acclimation procedures. A tank with high nitrates or ammonia will certainly spell death for a majority of your pods.

Acclimation to me, is very important. If acclimation is done too quickly it often spells disaster. Please take the time to make sure your pods are acclimated properly.

I do regular water changes using RODI water to ensure each batch has the optimal living conditions. The pods are also not pre-bottled and stored. In-case of dead on arrival batch, I will replace the item, or give you store credit towards future purchases at, I do not give refunds